Transparent Supply Chain


1. Cotton cultivation

Cotton is mainly grown and harvested without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.


2. Ginning

Mechanical separation of cotton fibres and seeds, removal of impurities.


3. Spinning mill

The combed cotton is made into yarns.

Textile industry - yarn spools on spinning machine in a textile factory

4. Weaving / Knitting mill

The yarns are processed into high-quality weaving or knitting surfaces.


5. Dyeing plant

Only environmentally friendly dyestuffs are used. The water is purified and 95% reused.


6. Manufacturing

The cut fabrics are mainly finished with GOTS-certified inks and printed materials.


7.Printing / Finishing

The finished blanks are processed into garments.


8. Distribution

The finished product is stored and then shipped to the customer.

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Our Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals

At Zaksberg Company, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world and aligning our business with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These global goals provide a roadmap for creating a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Our 20 SDGs for a Better World:

1. No Poverty:​

We strive to eradicate poverty by promoting fair wages and job opportunities within our value chain.

2. Zero Hunger:

We support food security and sustainable agriculture through responsible sourcing and reducing food waste.

3. Good Health and Well-being:

We prioritize the health and well-being of our employees by offering comprehensive healthcare benefits and wellness programs.

4. Quality Education:

We invest in education and training programs for our employees and the communities where we operate.

5. Gender Equality:

We ensure gender diversity and equal opportunities for all employees, including leadership positions.

6. Clean Water and Sanitation:

We implement water-efficient practices and support access to clean water in our operations.

7. Affordable and Clean Energy:

We are transitioning to renewable energy sources and promoting energy efficiency.

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth:

We create job opportunities, provide fair wages, and support economic development in our communities.

9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure:

 We invest in research, development, and sustainable infrastructure to drive innovation.

10. Reduced Inequalities:

We work to reduce income and wealth inequalities within our organization and supply chain.

11.Sustainable Cities and Communities:

We promote responsible urban development and community engagement where our operations are located.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production:

We reduce waste, promote recycling, and adopt sustainable sourcing and production methods.

13.Climate Action:

We have set and are achieving ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

14. Life Below Water:

We minimize the impact of our operations on marine ecosystems and promote responsible seafood sourcing.

15. Life on Land:

We protect and restore biodiversity and ensure responsible land use practices.

16. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions:

We promote transparency, ethical governance, and respect for human rights within our organization.

17. Partnerships for the Goals:

We collaborate with stakeholders, including governments, NGOs, and other businesses, to achieve the SDGs.

18. Quality Jobs:

We create a workplace that fosters employee well-being, job satisfaction, and career growth.

19. Inclusive Growth:

 We ensure that the benefits of our business extend to all stakeholders, including marginalized communities.

20. Circular Economy:

We are transitioning towards a circular business model that minimizes waste and maximizes resource efficiency.

At Zaksberg Company, we view the SDGs as both a responsibility and an opportunity. By integrating these goals into our corporate strategies and operations, we are committed to making a positive and lasting contribution to a more sustainable and prosperous world.

Join us on our journey to create a brighter future for all.